Although you might have some basic understanding of what a bucks party is all about, understanding the finer details can be a little bit confusing – knowing who is supposed to be organising and paying for things can get quite confusing very quickly, but perhaps one of the most confusing things to consider is the role of the buck in the whole affair. For example, do you get the groom to contribute to the cost of the event? Do you have to invite friends of theirs that you don’t like? There are a lot of variables, so in this article we take a look at what the groom should be doing on their big night out.

What role does the buck have?

Although there’s always the guy who wants to organise a Byron Bay stripper, the first thing you should consider when planning a buck’s party is that there aren’t really any strict rules to follow. Just like any other buck’s event, what you organise for the buck will depend entirely on their interests. With this in mind, this should be one of the key rules – make it about them, not about you. Although you might think it hilarious to make them do certain things during the buck’s party, the night is all about them having the best time possible, which means that at the end of the night, you shouldn’t be the one who has had the best time – it should be them! If you know that their fiancée will find issue with certain things (things that might get your friend in trouble), then avoid them – it’s as simple as that. This is also then the responsibility of the groom in a way as well, as what you want to avoid should always be completely clear to anyone who might be organising your event.

Remember that it’s a hands-off affair

Although it should be know what a groom likes and dislikes, and what they want to avoid altogether in their buck’s party, a groom should not be readily involved in the panning of the evening – they should leave it to their friends to ensure that they have the best night possible. Although there are certainly some guys who love to micromanage everything in their lives, sometimes you have to be stern if they keep sticking their heads into the buck’s planning and tell them to get lost (in the nicest way possible, of course!). To ease their racing mind, it’s never a bad idea to reassure the groom that everything is going well with regards to the planning, as hearing this can help them manage any potential anxiety they have very quickly. It’s also a good idea to not invite anyone you know might cause issues – even if the groom has a relative that they might feel obligated to invite, if you know that the person will contribute to a negative energy, it’s very much in their best interest to not invite them. This way, they also have an excuse as to why the person wasn’t invited!

Making the most of the buck’s

Planning the perfect buck’s party is often about communication – regular discussion between those planning the event and the groom will ensure no details are lost or missed, no imaginations are allowed to run wild, and fewer opportunities for a bummer night result from inviting people who are all too keen to kill the buzz of everyone at the event.