We have already seen how cryptocurrencies have become popular in the sex industry, but the remarkable thing is that, apparently, porn actresses are becoming something similar to ‘authorities’ in the field and already publish explanatory videos on the operation of some blockchain. For them, this technology could be the solution to the discrimination suffered by traditional banks.

According to popular knowledge, money and sex dominate the world, so it is very common to find opportunities in which both combine. A video, published in the Youtube social network by an adult actress Brett Rossi explained the facilities offered by Ethereum. The video entitled What is Ethereum ?, which was accompanied by a song from the decade of the 80’s, registered about 12 thousand visits in five days.

In it, the actress explained the reason she makes cryptocurrencies. Like most people in the adult entertainment industry, she had been discriminated against by banks and payment processors, who, for example, closed her accounts without any prior notification. For that reason, she was excited about the possibilities offered by Ethereum.

In the description of the video it is announced that Rossi would explain the functioning of distributed accounting technology in a simple way, in the same way that the emergence of this technology is compared with the advent of the Internet:

Brett Rossi is an actress in the American pornography industry. The 29-year-old blonde has built a prominent career in some best adult cams, even having her own biographical entry on the Wikipedia website, where her commitment and subsequent breakup with the famous television actor Charlie Sheen in 2014 is reviewed. There are many actresses like her who have difficulty dealing through banks only because of the negative stigma on the porn industry. Crypto currencies answer this problem.