There are many reasons why escort clients would appreciate the opportunity to be more discreet, and it’s not just about hiding things from girlfriends or wives. Being discreet is important for those wanting to maintain a sense of professionalism in workplaces that aren’t exactly progressive in their approach to sex work, and it can also be beneficial as a way to hide this information from friends or relatives who think much the same way. Thankfully, there are quite a few ways that clients can protect their anonymity when seeing escorts – in this article we take a look at a few of them to help you start applying a bit more discretion in the future.

Simple places to start

Much of the time, managing your electronic trail can help considerably for those looking to hire an escort in Newcastle – or anywhere else in Australia for that matter. For starters, clearing your internet history and browser cache can ensure that past encounters aren’t uncovered, whether it be by accident or intentionally. Similarly, getting a sim card specifically for escort booking will help you stay on top of messages while also giving peace of mind about where those messages are. In the event that you still want to be using the one phone, make sure to not save the numbers of escort agencies or escorts directly to your phone, and it’s also advised that you relay to the escort to only message you during certain hours if you find that helps with your management of your phone. Our last suggestion for the technology trail is to ensure that you use a separate email account to guarantee that any escort-related information is contained in that one spot. For this email account, it’s always a good idea to make sure that the password is different to your usual password in the event that anyone decides to take an unwanted look.

Some other great common sense tips

One of the key ways you can ensure your paper trail is covered is by always paying in cash. Cash, although visible on bank statements when drawn out, can still be explained as being from anywhere. If you do decide to withdraw cash, it certainly does pay to not withdraw it from a joint account – it will be very quickly obvious if you do this. In addition to better managing your money, much of the issues related to being found out are due to a big mouth. Attracting the wrong kind of attention to yourself at the wrong time will turn heads a lot quicker than you might think – that boozy boast at the pub with your mates will rarely stay at the pub and will instead quickly find its way to partners and other work colleagues, so be very careful about what you say and who you say it to. If you want to be particularly sure that your private information stays private, it’s also best to limit what you say to your escort as well.

The importance of being discreet

Not attracting too much of the wrong attention is one of the keys to enjoying your escort experiences – not having to worry about gossipy colleagues of partners of friends spreading misinformation makes the experience more about what it should be – relaxing and having fun. If you haven’t been too discreet in the past, maybe now’s the time!