How you ever heard of the saying: first impressions last? Well, in dating, there matter a lot. Psychologists say that the perception someone forms about some me or something when they first experience it is very difficult to change later. As such every effort should be made to ensure your date goes well. What are some of the things that could taint your image and that you should avoid? This article discusses some of them.

Don’t forget to clean up.

The reason this article puts this as the number thing to avoid is not just because it is important to be clean but also because it is one of the less considers factors especially by men. Turning up for a date in dirty clothes could be interpreted differently by many people. It would paint a negative picture of yourself to your partner if you forget to clean up before going on a date. One common judgment will be that you are not a responsible person and this could lower the chances of success on a date. Before going on a date do your early preparations to ensure you are clean.

Don’t forget good manners.

Everybody has been taught good manners either at home, school or both. It is during occasions like going on a date that you should be more careful in showing good manners. When making any conversation remember to say please and thank you whenever appropriate. You should practice table manner by avoiding talking with food in your mouth or opening your mouth while eating. In the case of men, they should open doors for ladies and pull chairs for them. By being friendly and acting in a polite way the possibilities of going on a second date and starting a more serious relationship will be higher.

Never talk on behalf your partner.

While on a date you should let your partner to express him or herself and answer questions a dressed to him or her. Don’t act the hero and try to answer questions on his or her behalf. Some people will take it as if you are rude. Only don’t this when your partner has asked you to. A perfect example is when both of you have gone for some food in a restaurant. When the waiter comes and asks for your orders let your partner talk for herself or himself failure to do this will make your partner believe that you are a self centered person with no regard to others.

Don’t turn up late.

Be it at school, work and, in this case, going for a date, being late is never acceptable. Be sure to set your dates to a time that you will be available. Letting your partner wait for you for a long time will not do your relationship any good. If anything arises and you are not able to arrive on your date on time make an effort to communicate this to your partner, explaining your reasons and apologizing.

Avoid checking your phone.

Some people may feel nervous while on a date this may make them to start checking their phones regularly. Or check quietly for Blonde Escorts at Agency Barracuda. This should be avoided at all cost since it could an indication that your mind is not full on the conversation you are having with your partner. Avoid any distractions and if possible consider switching off your phone.


Before going on a date you will probably make a lot of plans to ensure your date is a success. However, you may find yourself doing some small things that will ruin your date. Some of them are the ones mentioned in this article then you should avoid these things for a better dating experience.