A camera on and a show that lasts six hours. She dances before the lens slowly and drops her sleeve to show her shoulder. Smile and play with her long black hair. A virtual theater of 345 people admires it live; each chair is thousands of kilometers away. Spanish, American, French. All at a click, connected in the middle of a sexual video chat. She is one of the nearly 20,000 women who are dedicated to the business called webcam models in Romania. Her name is Angela.

Angela says she does not feel sorry. From her house, she plays with roulettes that rotate between erotic penances and a board with stars that asks her to do dozens of things. Smearing cream on the body, using a vibrator, bathing in oil, undressing and even giving private shows.

When she started in the webcam industry, more than a year and a half ago, she did not last long to tell her grandmother, one of the first people to know. Without understanding much, the 78-year-old woman asked her what this new job was about.

– “I record with a camera. I naked and masturbate, Mommy, “she said without thinking much.

– “Angela, you can be a whore that I support you. Family is family, “replied the grandmother. Her family and friends know it and she says that everything started as a work experiment, until it became “something serious and professional”.

“It is not easy to keep the live attention of hundreds of people who do not speak your language, “explains Angela, who, if she is doing very well, can earn $ 12 million a month.

Global network

the business moves in different pages of global character even BBW cams for “fatty lovers”, where the interested ones must register accounts and as a social network, to gain followers. The purpose of the models is to catch with their charms and sensuality to ensure that those behind the screen pay to spend time watching them. The gain, depending on each page, is by minutes or tokens. This kind of business has grown very rapidly in almost all of the United States and Europe. This is a phenomenon where man’s highest desire is combined with technology.