Whether you are looking for your soulmate, friendship, or a fun hookup, there are many different sites that could help you fulfill your desires. Any time of year is perfect for romance and sex, and if you are single, or searching for ways to spice up your sex life by adding another person into the mix, you must have considered browsing through the popular dating websites.

What better way to find the hottest hookup of your life or your destined love than to search for them online? However, with so many websites out there, how can you possibly find a legit good one? Well, that is why this list was created, showing you the top dating and hookup sites in 2020. In case you need an in-depth review of some of these dating websites, there are many sites that are designed just for that.


To nobody’s surprise, Tinder is on top of the list. This is one of those dating/hookup websites that everyone has heard about. It does not matter whether you are looking to make friends, find a sex partner or a partner for life, Tinder has your back. This is an app that is usually everyone’s first pick when they are entering the dating world, mostly because Tinder is so popular that everyone has heard about the app.

The installation of the app is rather simple; just follow what the app is telling you. Once you set up your profile, you can list through other people’s profiles and see what they have to say about themselves and share with the rest of the community. The browsing is brief, and if you see someone you like, you can choose to take an interest. Meaning that if they do the same, the two of you will be matched, and you can continue chatting.


One could describe Bumble as Tinder for women. This is because Bumble requires female members to be the ones who will message the guys first. If the guys fail to respond in 24h, they will lose the potential dates. The timer is designed to attract those who are looking for serious relationships, so if you are somebody who prefers to procrastinate, you might not be amused by Bumble. Overall it works in a similar way as Tinder.


If you are looking for something that goes a bit more in-depth when it comes to the overall presentation of their community, OkCupid might be the best choice. OkCupid is owned by the same company like Tinder, and it is quite dedicated to helping their members find their soulmate. It starts by asking you to answer a seemingly endless series of questions, which resemble a personality test, that will help them suggest people who have similar answers/likes/dislikes, etc.


In a way, Clover is trying to be an on-demand version of dating sites, allowing their users to order a date much like you would order food. Clover seems to be a hybrid of OkCupid and Tinder, but with a much smaller userbase. They provide amazing numeric match predictions that are based on interests and compatibility, which is what makes the Clover matches so accurate. They state to have over 6 million users, with over 89% ranging from 18 to 35.


Originally, Hinge focused more on creating common connections and mutual friends, allowing you to find people you might already know and establish a relationship with them. However, they changed their method, and they resemble Tinder’s style instead. You can choose to display all the information you want to share with the community, and they can choose whether to message you or not. It is a simple site/app that makes your dating life easier.

The League

Known as an “elite dating app,” The League is a website/app that allows you to fill out your profile, adding details such as your job title, college, and even LinkedIn profile. There are long waiting lists for the bigger cities, so you might have to wait for your profile to be reviewed. Now, this could be an interesting concept for some, but a big turnoff for others. It all depends on what you are looking for on a dating website.


For those looking for local hookups, you might be interested in Happn. This site is designed to help match you with locals, as it offers a cool concept, and it is rather helpful for those interested in meeting someone in a more organic manner. After you register and set up your profile, everything is rather straightforward, so you will get the hang of the app in no time.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Another interesting website an app is called Coffee Meets Bagel. This place hopes to offer users a great quality matchup as they send curated matches each day at noon. You will have suggested ice-breakers before every first message, and while the app does resemble Tinder, it seems to be a bit more in-depth with the information. The app is sometimes a bit confusing, but overall it is a rather solid place with great dating and hookup options.


Most dating websites tend to be LGBTQ inclusive, but sometimes it is nice to have an app that is tailored mainly for lesbians, queer women, and bisexuals. The app does have some glitches here and there, but for the most part, it does its job. There are not that many members on it yet, but the popularity is slowly building up.

As it was mentioned, finding a dating website that would perfectly suit your needs is not an easy task, when the online world is flooded with those types of sites. However, that is why there are many websites dedicated to reviewing such places, so you know what you are getting yourself into beforehand; for example, ThePornDude.com, and others.

With some basic reviews written above, you might get a better clue about the sites, what they have to offer, and whether some of these dating websites would actually suit your desires. So, take your time and explore your options, as there is surely a great website out there that would suit all your needs, no matter if you are searching for a simple hookup, a long-lasting relationship or friendship.