We have always known that friends could be the best thing that can happen to anyone. With so much excitement, love and hate then shower at the same time is quite ironic. To compare it with love commitments, friendship is the best kind of blessings. However, friendship couldn’t provide us with one thing that relationships can, which is a sexual pleasure. Not to forget that this is the 21st century, nothing is impossible here.

People call it friends with benefits; here you can adopt intimacy without the headache of having commitments. However, there are some pros and cons that come packed with friends with benefits.  For many years, websites such as Very Naughty Dating UK, have been used by people seeking to meet friends with benefits. They have a comprehensive information on the pros and cons of this kind of friendship. But before you visit Very Nauhty for more information, here are a few pros and cons of this form of dating


Let us first start with the pros and then move to the cons.

  • No unnecessary drama: I agree that love can bring the best kind of emotional feeling along with exciting sex. However never in the world with you receive all the goodness all at ones. That happens with relationships too. At first, your love life can be at the top but slowly thing tends to fall apart. The unnecessary drama could actually bring all the excitement down. That is never the case with FWB. You become a free bird where you can be extremely close with a person and at the same time let the relationship issues far away at bay.
  • It would boost your confidence: It is said that right sex can help you with your self-esteem and having it without any condition can lift your confidence exponentially. You have sex whenever you want as you won’t be too concerned about the latter stages of life and would be concentrating only on the present. This would help you have a healthy life.


No matter how great pros you have, there are some cons that you need to be aware of before contributing to FWB relationships.

  • No emotional support: Emotion is one of the strongest feelings that one feels. Sex is not only about sexual satisfaction but also after emotional need. FWB lack this thing. You may be in need of emotional support but diving into it would most probably give you an unemotional person. This over time would provide you with a sense of withdrawing from it.
  • Get obsessed: this may be just for fun for you but for your partner, this may not be the case. They could have developed a feeling for you or have been obsessed with you. This becomes a nightmare after that because this wasn’t something that you have committed.
  • You may lose a good friend: Since friends with benefits, starts with a friendship which you may have wished to have lasted forever. But once you are over with FWB you guys are most likely to end up the friendship as well


Trust is also one of the reasons that could have you stick with FWB longer. One cannot have the FWB relations with anyone on the road. People should have a sense of trust that you build in your partner. A trust or believes that you would exploit them or cause any issues in the future. If that is the case then you can have successfully friends with benefits story.