A sex doll, most often called a love doll is usually a human life-sized doll that is made out of silicone or Thermoplastic Elastomer or both. Such a doll, anatomy is carefully crafted similar to a human’s as its orifices and appendages happen to appear and feel absolutely hyper-realistic for the user to experience.  For men, the anus, vagina, breasts and mouth are extremely realistic while the women can enjoy the penises of the male sex dolls. The lifelike and accurate imitation of a male or female body at its ideal proportion is what makes these dolls alluring and enchanting for its user.

Though the adult dolls usually refer to the life-sized sex doll, at times they could also consist merely of the head on a torso with hips otherwise merely the hips and legs. Most ideal dolls are made out of medical-grade Silicone and TPE, which makes them absolutely durable and completely safe. The hygiene can also be maintained well, so the longevity of the product is ensured as well as the health of a user is not compromised.

How they are useful

  1. Cure for Loneliness: The adult sex dolls tend to give companionship to its user which consequently cure his/her loneliness. The AI-enabled dolls tend to respond to the speech, gestures, touch and intimate presence of the user in the desired manner. There is no judging, arguments or fights and the experience is absolutely harmonious.
  2. Sexual Freedom: The real silicone dolls tend to give the best sex experience to its user with absolute freedom to complete the fantasy. The user doesn’t have to be shy in doing whatever he/she wanted to do for so long with someone; sexually. This freedom is only possible with a sex doll and not a human.
  3. Perfect Match: The match is perfect between a user and his/her doll because the latter is bought after considering a lot of features it has. The physical and AI features are carefully selected, while most of the doll manufacturers have the option of customization which gives the users a further edge.

99% of the times, the sex dolls give its users the satisfaction for which it is bought. The remainder 1% consists of the users not making proper use of their dolls and not maintaining them hygienically. Which causes major health and functionality issue with the dolls.

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