Sexual position, the 69 does not imply any penetration: the partners head-to-tail both indulge in oral sex. Form of preliminaries that have the advantage of pleasuring each of the two lovers simultaneously. This position of Kamasutra does not necessarily win all votes.

Make love without penetration

The sexual position of the 69 has the merit of promising pleasure to each partner to the act, without implying any form of penetration. In doing so, the 69 counts among the sexual practices experimented by the lovers who have not yet skipped the pace of deflowering. This position to make love is also a useful way to achieve enjoyment without any risk of pregnancy: without vaginal penetration, the woman can not get pregnant. Caution: if the risk of pregnancy is zero, the transmission of STDs remains possible orally. Be sure to use condoms for adequate protection.

69, instructions for use:

  • two lovers are placed head to tail, lying – the man on the woman or the woman on the man. Some practice this standing position: the man carries his partner so that the mouths of each are at the sex of the other. It is particularly muscular. Note: this sexual position is also practiced by homosexual couples, under the same conditions.
  • in a heterosexual couple, the man makes cunnilingus to his partner, who gives him a blowjob in return. Oral sex acts simultaneously. The partners eventually accompany the oral caresses of acts of mutual masturbation.
  • the 69 can be a sexual relationship in itself, in which case the lovers practice oral sex until ejaculation of the man and orgasm of the woman. The couple in this hypothesis tries to achieve enjoyment at the same time. The 69’s sexual position may also represent a single phase of foreplay.

The 69, a sexual position that does not please everyone

Some people see the 69 as a classic act, while others see this sexual position as a particularly intimate and not necessarily pleasant act.

The arguments for the 69’s position:

  • some fantasize about this position of Kamasutra which they appreciate the very intimate character. Men often love 69 because men are more excited about the visual than women. Heads up with the partner, the lover has a vision closer to the intimacy of the other.
  • this position to make love involves sharing and sensuality and banishes any form of discomfort.

The arguments against the 69’s position:

  • in this position to make love, lovers can not kiss each other. This lack of face-to-face contact dampens the ardor of some, who reproach the 69 with an absolute lack of romanticism.
  • by making a blowjob, the partner can not necessarily focus on his pleasure from cunnilingus, and vice versa. This argument goes against the practice.
  • refractories to the oral sex, by extension, will refuse the sexual position that involves simultaneous blowjob and cunnilingus.

Make a 69: the right conditions

making love

Certain conditions can favor these preliminaries integral part of the Kamasutra.

  • give confidence to the other. The visual aspect closest to the enimity cools people who fear to expose hidden defects. In this case, it is essential to reassure the partner before getting into position 69: soft words and hugs anywhere on the body can help to give confidence.
  • pay attention to hygiene. Bad smells are the main obstacle to oral sex and cunnilingus. The sexual position of the 69 requires impeccable hygiene, to allow the two lovers to focus on their pleasure and that of the other without being distracted by practical concerns.
  • go to orgasm. By pleasuring the other in 69, the chilly lover will tend to appreciate this practice better.

Be that as it may, a sexual position can only be practiced with the consent of the other.