From the virtual to the real there is only one step. If Internet users who are passionate about want to meet in real, email, video via skype, mobile phone will prove to be safe relays to maintain virtual contact and make it a reality in real life.

The first “dialogues” face-to-face will transform the initial perception of the virtual encounter. Will the venue be crucial, private or public? Continue the fantasy or fall back into a more classic pattern after experiencing a quirky or out-of-the-ordinary thrill? The discrepancy between the patiently and meticulously crafted scenario and real life often leads to disappointments. We communicate, then we go to meet the stranger. Times have changed. If you want to stay safe, you may even have the option of sexually fulfilling your sexual desire without meeting the said stranger. For example, You can have a sexy text chat online with a beautiful woman.

No more waiting wisely to come across the “right” or ideal partner, sex no longer waits. The risky nature of these random encounters is a risk that must be assumed. It can last an hour, a week, months or a lifetime. It’s time to choose.

One in seven French people is looking for love. According to a study by INED, 14% of the French population was single in 2012. Faced with this observation, in recent years, the web has seen an increase in dating sites. Exit the marriage agency, love seems to be found today thanks to a click…

Dating sites for all requests

In France, there are more than 2000 dating sites. Offbeat, serious or communal, all try to stand out from each other. Some choose to target their clientele as much as possible and focus on communitarianism.

Other sites pride themselves on having in their files the excellence of excellence, the cream of the crop. To do so, they do not hesitate to hand-pick all their members, leaving the door open only to singles who are justified in high salaries or belonging to well-to-do cultural social backgrounds.

In addition, some dating sites have played the trash card, distinguishing themselves by specializing in extramarital online dating. Or the humor card…

Dating by shared interests

Like a marriage agency, the dating site promises to find you the partner of your dreams. Intelligent and funny… According to the commercials of dating sites, the great French love would be just a few clicks from you and me. Because that’s what dating sites offer you: to meet people by affinity in order to find the man you are looking for.