Your mate is tying the knot, and ultimately this means one thing: buck’s night. Yes, your mate’s wedding is a special time in all of your lives, given it’s a wonderful time to celebrate love, friendship and new adventures. But, let’s face it: it’s also a pretty awesome opportunity to party!

And where better to celebrate this most momentous of occasions than summer in Sydney? The weather is fine, the times are finer, and this vibrant city is host to some of the very best sendoff celebrations going around, whether it’s boat cruising, deep sea fishing, paintballing or picking up a bucks night package at one of the city’s ultimate gentlemans clubs.

So, with all this frivolous excitement awaiting you, your best mate and your crew, let’s take a look at the very best summer sendoff ideas for your mate before he gets hitched:

  1. Harbour boat cruise

Sydney is a miraculously beautiful city, with people coming from far and wide just to gaze upon its magnificent harbour. Luckily, the magnificent harbour is also a great spot for private boat cruises, and what better way to start your besty’s big night than with one of these outrageously enjoyable cruises?

Start the day by sailing down the incredible harbour, enjoying a few afternoon frothies whilst taking in the unparalleled scenery – it’s the perfect way to commence what is sure to be a joyous, unforgettable occasion!

  1. Deep sea fishing

If simply sailing down the harbour is a bit mundane for you and your mates, why not hire yourselves a charter and head out for a spot of deep sea fishing? There are plenty of companies that offer this incredible experience just outside of the Harbour City, ensuring you can try your hand at catching some of the most beastly fish to traverse the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere!

  1. Paintball

Look, we know it can get pretty toasty in all that paintballing gear, but this still goes down as one of the funnest bucks party events going around. Get the crew together then split ‘em up in a way that challenges friendships and pain barriers in a fun and facetious fashion.

What’s even better is having a few post-battle beers to ease the paintball pain and reminisce on what was surely a healthy, lighthearted play war.

  1. Lawn bowls & barbie

For sure, not every groom-to-be wants to go party cruising or shooting exploding paint pallets at their mates, so why not enjoy a chilled afternoon in the Sydney sunshine with a wholesome barbie and lawn bowls day?

Seriously, these are one of the nicest occasions, getting the boys together for a few frothies and some classic barbie food, and your more tranquil mate will appreciate not being forced to do anything he or his bride-to-be really wouldn’t appreciate – it’s just a nice way to send a good bloke off!

  1. Bucks party package

But, hey, your mate might also be another red-blooded bloke who wants an absolute ripper of a sendoff, and so luckily Sydney has some of the world’s great gentleman clubs, complete with some truly awesome bucks party packages to really ramp up the evening’s entertainment.

One of these deals complete with one of the aforementioned ideas will truly be one of the ultimate ways to send off your good pal, to see them cut loose for the last tie (as an unmarried man) and to celebrate the joy that you may think you’re about to lose, but is only really just beginning!